Welcome to my watercolor gallery!

Sales of my original watercolors paid for Jackline to attend and graduate from a boarding high school. They made it possible to buy an acre of land and purchase materials for a home for Kinya and her family when they became homeless. They paid for Kinya to attend a private boarding school when circustances caused her to fail from her inadequate local government run primary school.

With support from the sale of my paintings, Kinya graduated from elementary school in December 2013! Now she wishes to attend high school which her family cannot afford.

I grew to know Kinya and Jackline through letters 
we have exchanged since 2003. And on a trip to Kenya, Africa in 2010, I had the great fortune to meet Kinya and Jackline.

You can help me continue to help Kinya reach her goals by selecting a painting to brighten your home or office and supporting my watercolors for a cause!


      Kinya at age six in 2004      © Marcia Willman